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29th-Oct-2011 03:54 am - goodbye hooooorses
First Halloween party of the weekend went swimmingly. I came for the corgi in the hot dog costume, but I stayed for the booze.

In video game news, I'm feeling Fallout-ed out. I even bought Fallout: New Vegas too, but if I hear another song from the 1940s and 50s, I might murder someone. The game is hella glitchy, which I kind of expected, but if New Vegas is even worse than this then I might as well just snap the disc in half.
20th-Sep-2011 01:20 am - LMFAO will burn in hell
Man, that "Mr. Simple" song is a hot mess. The cover for that single looks like they're all four and their parents told them, "Today, you're gonna dress yourselves."

This video has been making the rounds on Tumblr. I can't stop watching it.

24th-Jan-2011 12:12 am - Salyu
smoke & mirrors
17th-Jan-2011 12:25 am - i am a giant baby
smoke & mirrors
Been pretty bummed these days. Reading Joy Luck Club does not help. I read the tiny story about the Chinese woman and the duck, and I started to tear up. AUUUUUGH.

Also played some more Final Fantasy XIII. I was an idiot and sold all of my weapons save for the ones already equipped. Then I came across a bunch of advice on the Gamefaqs forums that all said, "DO NOT SELL YOUR WEAPONS AND ACCESSORIES OR YOU WILL DIE." HAHA WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT. Not really impressed with any of the characters except Sazh, who seems to be the only one with his shit together. I enjoy the constant jabs at his age. In the world of Final Fantasy, it is time to hit the old folks' home when you are in your early 30s.
9th-Jan-2011 02:00 am - "doing what you love is partying."
don't fucking touch me!, level 99 baby!
If all of your friends are telling you your boyfriend is a douchebag, there is a 99% chance that he is a douchebag.

Currently reading: 101 Party Tips From Andrew WK
6th-Jan-2011 12:07 am - year of bunnies
Went to the best New Year's Eve party ever, during which Gogol Bordello and Touble Funk were rocking out. There was some moshing, a lot of drinking and eating, and a lot of sleeping the next day. Ate bomb-ass black bean noodles on New Year's Day, then slept some more. This really beats the other New Year's Eve party I went to where some dude got stabbed in the club.

As far as New Year's resolutions go, I think I'll just stick to trying to be less of a dumbass, and spread some goodwill towards my fellow man.

I heard an interesting resolution on the radio, during which the host vowed to read ten books in five different categories this year. Maybe I'll do something similar but with five books instead of ten.
31st-Dec-2010 12:24 am - Don't get too drunk partying it up!
don't fucking touch me!, level 99 baby!
Had kind of a shitty day. This was all fixed in the end with some nice beer, sweet potato fries, and the best fucking veggie burger I have ever had.

LOL gendered food marketing.
28th-Dec-2010 12:25 am - merry late christmaaas
Hope your Christmas was excellent!

I now have one of those new-fangled PS3s. Have been playing Final Fantasy XIII. It looks gorgeous, has a tedious storyline, and a fun battle system. The weapons upgrade system is kind of driving me nuts though. I'm more used to just buying bigger and better weapons in the game. It seems like the stuff you find in treasure chests have much lower, or the about the same stats as the one I already have. Money is ridiculously hard to come by an I'm always torn between selling my shit or using it to upgrade my weapons. In other words, I hate the upgrade system. The battle system is fast-paced and fun, so I've basically been skipping the cut scenes and reading about story events in the datalog.

Today was spent running around in the mall, returning and buying clothes.

I'm going to do my best not to become chained to the videogames. My habit is to usually finish as much as I an through one sitting, with little food and sleep. Much like my last two years of college. No more! I'm going to go outside! OH GOD IT'S SO COOOLD.

P.S. The Panty & Stocking soundtrack is awesome. Reminds me of the music played in Forever21 and H&M stores.
21st-Dec-2010 11:47 pm(no subject)
Just finished reading The Key by Junichiro Tanizaki. Man, people are messed up. I really enjoyed the alternating diary entries from the husband and wife. It's kind of hilarious that both of them suspected the other of reading each other's diaries, and then carefully wrote their entries in order to manipulate the other. Two thumbs up!
17th-Dec-2010 11:52 pm - OH GOD


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